Osteoid Osteoma and it's treatement

This is a Non Malignant Bone Tumor which can be totally cured by LASER Treatment. Osteoid Osteoma is a rare bone tumor which presents with continuous dull to severe bone pain. Plain X-ray may not show some of these lesions but CT Scan Examination of the affected part invariably demonstrates the presence of this tumor. Conventional treatment is open surgery with cutting open the affected area of bone & curetting out the tumor. LASER Treatment has revolutionized the treatment of Osteoid Osteoma. The procedure is done under regional anesthesia/ Nerve block. Under CT guidance a Bone Biopsy needle is placed inside the centre ( Nidus ) of this tumor . A LASER fiber is placed through this needle into the Nidus. Then LASER is activated & about 1200 to 2000 joules of energy is given inside the Nidus. This evaporates the Nidus & totally devitalizes the tumor. Entire treatment is done through a small needle puncture & there are no cuts or stitches. This procedure can be done as a OPD procedure & patient can go home immediately after the procedure. The pain relief is almost instantaneous at the completion of LASER treatment. The side effects of this procedure are very minimal & success rate is very high compared to Open Surgery. If malignancy is suspected in the lesion then this procedure should not be done as tissue is not available for Histopathological Examination.